Drive Traffic to Your Business Using Facebook Ads

There are lot of ways to drive traffic to your company website and one of the most effective way is via Facebook ads campaign.

Facebook is one the social media giants and their advertising platform works perfectly for any kind of business, what ever market you are in. Thanks to their huge and powerful data that make this possible.

To start driving traffic to your site, you need to set-up your FB ads campaign by creating a new ad in your dashboard. You will need to be specific on your target audience. These include the demographics such as your target audience’s age, sex, where they particularly live, professions such as CEO or CFO, and keywords that you are trying to target.

Advanced techniques include segmenting target audience using a custom audience and lookalike audience in the business. There’s also the introduction of Facebook Pixels which is really helpful as it can retarget users who have visited a website let’s say for example they are searching for this particular product. Facebook will be able to track that and will display ads that is similar to the user tracked actions.

It is also important to target audience in a specific location, let’s say you are from New York. You can target that specific city plus a 10-mile radius if you are servicing those areas. The more specific that you drill down into the ad settings, the higher conversions you can get.

It is also important to track performance of your ad campaigns to make sure you are not losing financially, that’s also the reason why setting a daily budget will help you run your ads in a long run. Many businesses don’t understand this and end up loosing more money running an ineffective FB ads campaign.

Benefits of Having an Offshore Team

Starting a business is quite challenging and you don’t want to do all the tasks by yourself. You can hire 1 or 2 people if you really want to see a huge leap for your business. Startups are mostly composed of 3-5 people and as their business continuously grows, started to get traction in the internet – that’s the time where they hire additional manpower to handle administrative tasks or customer relation stuff.

If you live in western countries, hiring additional in-house staff might costs you more, that’s why if you will notice majority of business owners today hire an offshore team to handle other workloads that the inhouse team can’t handle and indeed this is a smart move.

Aside from that, time zone difference might also become an advantage as while the main team are sleeping, the offshore team is online to answer any customer inquiries. So that’s one big advantage obviously. Other perks of having an external team is that you will be able to get the same quality of work as these people are definitely skilled and have passion to what they’re doing. You as a business owner can easily expand without the need to rent a bigger office space and other stationary items, computers that of course are part of extending your business.

Again, there are lots of unimaginable benefits you can get when you outsource, although it’s not easy as you need to hire the perfect guy for the job and who is dedicated to help you reach your business goals. Once you have created your virtual team, let’s say programmer, designer, marketing analyst, sales, and customer support. Then you will see how smoothly you run your business with very minimal issues down the road. If you already have one, kindly share your experience, errors, and ideas so that newbies will not be able to commit the same mistake.

Honing Your Best Team

A team consisting of the best among the rest can definitely provide you a successful output. A quick head start is gathering the best people to become your ‘best team.’ In acquiring the best team, you may either study the do-it-yourself recruitment process, hire someone through a labour pool by consulting an agency, or create your own team offshore. But the process doesn’t end there. Whenever you have gathered your team and is now ready and available, you must also think how to manage them in the long run. This now talks about you – as a business owner and a leader. Bossing around? Not really. It’s more of leading them wholeheartedly to harvest even better profit and service.

Here are some guidelines to help you handle and manage your outsourcing team:

Weekly Meeting is an Advantage

Although you’re already aware that you have recruited the best team, it is important that you get in touch with them regularly. Some business owners prefer daily meeting over the phone for some quick and real-time updates then a weekly meeting would mean a broader discussion about the accomplishments for the week. This can be done via messaging or chat apps so it’s still a face to face conversation. Have your outsourced team prepare topics, concerns, updates, challenges to be raised in the meeting.  This meeting would last for an hour or two, depending on the need. This creates a solid relationship between you and your team.

Training and Feedback

It’s self-explanatory that employers should conduct training for new hires. Of course, it’s a must to give them an overview of what they’re going to be engaged in. You may tackle the nature of the business, the tasks and workflow, the people they need to get in touch with and troubleshooting so that a perfected service will be provided. It’s fine to spoon-feed new hires for at least a week or two maximum. That way, they will be able to absorb everything that is needed for them to be equipped with knowledge and have better understanding of the job. Existing staff should also undergo trainings or what they call ‘refresher course.’ It’s a win-win situation both for the employer and staff because both parties can get to dig deep to the existing challenges and strengths. Plus, if there’s a need to imply new rules, policies or new strategies, this refresher could be very beneficial. Anything new should be disseminated for business partners, clients and remote team to be synched. Let us not forget feedback. Feedbacks are essential. How did the training go? You have to make sure that they fully understand the whole picture. Ask your remote team for feedbacks, and give them feedback as well. As we all know, communication is a two-way process.

Verification for Newbies

Your new hires need your utmost attention. The 2-week training is the best time for them to gain knowledge and experience mistakes. You may check their accomplished work right after finishing one instead of verifying their work at the end of the day or week to be hands on about it. We are not trying to collect their faults for a week. You shouldn’t be moving on to the next one without even verifying the existing task. Mistakes are inevitable but preventing it from happening over and over again is better.

Set a Turn Around Time

One you have delegated tasks to your virtual team, it is just fair to set a time frame. This time frame is significant in determining their efficiency and measuring their productivity. On the other hand, you would also identify which task is too difficult and which one is easy; job negligence could also be avoided if this is practiced.

Be Reachable

You considered to outsource basically for you to have more time in focusing on other matters for your business to grow successfully. With the help of modernisation, you can still be in-touch with your remote team. Be that superior who is reachable and available for questions and other concerns. Your team consists of highly-skilled professionals who get more motivated if they know that you value what they have to say. They will remain inspired because they know that have a leader that is very accommodating and open to them.

Remote Access Usage

Were you able to convey your trainings and meetings properly? Are they able to follow the protocols? Is it feasible? Can you rely to your team? Does the ‘can-work-independently/can-work-with-less supervision’ cliché written on their profiles really happen? It’s nice to check on your virtual team from time to time to determine if everything is in good hands. It is made possible by our present technology. As the business owner or client, you may implement transparency rules for the whole team. You can make use of screen sharing software for you to have a direct observance of your offshore team members. You can see how your team navigates the system. Are they going fast or way too slow? Are they doing a shortcut method or just the right pacing? This is not really necessary, but this will give you an honest and transparent observation and judgment for it is being done real-time. And having remote access may provide you easier and quicker way on how to do corrections instead of discussing it over the phone, or through emails and chat especially if the tasks are procedural.

Time for Rewards

Rewarding your remote staff is a way of appreciating their hard work. It can be a positive feedback or constructive criticism; it can also be monetary or just simply gift them! This experience will keep your team inspired, productive, motivated and engaged.

Successful Offshoring for Newbies

One secret weapon of many businesses around the world is Outsourcing. And even a newly-opened business can acquire huge results from offshoring if they are knowledgeable enough to do it strategically for more profits and quality services your consumers would embrace and look forward to. Outsourcing processes in your business suggests one of the most enticing and exciting chances for a business to spread its work force base and improve profits without any obligation to increase turnover. It can be best as you hand over tasks to a remote team who has extraordinary skills and utilise them to build your accomplishment and success.

If outsourcing came across your mind and consider it, you must know how to get it accurate through these guidelines to successful outsourcing:

Study: Outsourcing Models

Choosing which model that will suit your company needs is not easy. The best way is to study and learn the different offshoring models to determine which one to absorb and which one would fit best your business.

Work Force Leasing Model – This talks about businesses with up to 30 staff and above and needed to maintain their work force all under one roof. In this manner, you will have live and real-time control of your operations.

Incorporation Model – This one is feasible for businesses with over 30 staff that have enlarging seat hire or outgrowing seat. It’s a good method to get scale and be able to manoeuvre the whole remote team.

Virtual Model – This model works best for project basis and low cost. You can work out a list of tasks to be accomplished and pick who you need to complete the task.

Pick the Best Strategy

You may choose a combined virtual model – is it for full-time? Part-time? Those business owners who are new to the industry often choose this model because it fits their budget. You can also utilise a combined virtual model to work for your main staff. Your main team can project-handle the jobs to someone who works under them so remote people are linked to one another. You may also create an exclusive remote team under the same outsourced office. Exclusivity of your company culture will be maintained with this method.

Right Software for the Right Set-up

Pick a software that is password protected – This is convenient when you’re connecting with a newly-hired person and you haven’t built the relationship yet. You hired them to work independently for what we call project-based remote assistants. This way, security and risk issues are eliminated.

Software for accounting and marketing –  This plays a vital instrument for business transparency. It is applicable both for local and overseas. It allows you to be on track and check how your business status improves.

Software that is cloud-based – this keeps your tracking handy especially if you’re a hands-on business owner. Our lives are very fast-paced nowadays and it’s tough to maintain everything in good shape. You would want the best for your business and with that, you need something to keep you updated real time, 24/7.

Determine Which Tasks to Outsource

Going through all your business performance and tasks would take too much of your time especially when you have to do it every day. This may give you enough reason to offshore, but the question is, what are the tasks that you will consider outsourcing? Gain clearness on the routinely tasks that your company does and take note how much effort and time these would take. Determining time is essential. Tasks that are done repetitively are consuming too much time making them perfect for offshoring because you can produce an organisation around these.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Business and Personal Tax Returns
  • Administrative and Secretarial Task
  • Data Entry and Transcription
  • Executive Assistant
  • Appointment Setting

Accounting Done Remotely

Have you ever experienced unintentional payroll delays in your company? Does your in-house accounting team always seem to cram whenever the pay-out day is fast approaching? Is your bookkeeper often commits errors? Budget restraints might also give you the impression to take on your accounting stuff yourself but this may lead to faulty errors that may cost you and cause you more troubles in the end. Maybe NOW is the time for you to open up your mind and consider the idea of accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing. This concept is not limited to huge companies only but small to medium scale businesses are also welcome. In fact, newly opened companies are highly encouraged to venture into offshoring that caters to most of your company needs – even the Accounting Department can be outsourced too. Accounting is a multifaceted process that needs expertise and attention. It is extensive, time-consuming duty that is best left to specialists or professionals.

Strategy is essential when it comes to expanding and nurturing a small business. To bring in profit and returns, you need to find ways or solutions to achieve more in less time. Productivity should be maximised and used properly. Offshoring can help you accomplish most of your company tasks. Through this idea, you will have ample time to focus on more relevant facets of your business without overlooking the time-consuming yet similarly significant tasks, just like bookkeeping, payroll and accounting.

Orderly Labour Force

About 75% of U.S. and European multinational companies have offshored financial solutions which includes accounting and that is according to a report from the Global Business News. Stress is everywhere. From deciding on what and where to eat up to running your own business could be very stressful. We tend to be forgetful, pre-occupied and pressured that makes our physical body unwilling to give our 101% to our business. At times, you even find yourself stressed even just by merely talking to your subordinates. You feel like you’re in a chaotic jungle and no one would give you the extra mile to get things done the way you want it. That could lead to mishandled business. Constant errors and delays will happen and might affect your business’ credibility just because your employees are not competent enough to do the task. Some of them may act complacently and neglect the importance of integrity that you built with your dreams and compassion. That is why massive business owners nowadays have a positive take on the offshoring and outsourcing industry because they were able to envision success with globalisation. Gather people that are more than willing to be of assistance and do things for you and your business seamlessly.

Regardless of the scope of your business, offshoring will definitely have its benefits. Allocating certain aspects of your business remotely can help you succeed and grow because it frees up time, management and resources that you can reallocate to areas that need your attention. When you have a dedicated offshore accounting team that takes care of your small business accounting needs, there’s little room for errors. You can completely focus on growing your business. Aside from your inhouse staff, you are confident that highly-skilled individuals are taking care of your business.


A-OK Vacay! Plan Your Next Destination

Working too hard for the whole family? You deserve a break after all the hard work and patience of putting up with the stress in everyday life. Being accomplished doesn’t solely mean that you’re successful in your career as a professional individual. We also have to consider our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. How do we attain that? How do we reach the essence of being a human? How do we live our life?

We all deserve to live. We eat, we sleep, we breathe, we work. What brings food on the table? We provide. We work hard for it. Every day, it depends on our attitude on how we perceive life. Do we wake up with smile on our faces? Or do we drag ourselves to face a new day? People who put too much effort in their professions are amazing. And with so much love and compassion towards our craft, we tend to forget how to take it easy. We forget to do things in moderation. We all deserve to have a work-life balance in order for us to fully appreciate life’s complexities. We know deep inside us that after a long tiring day, we deserve a break. Have a cup of coffee? Do nothing and just stare out the window perhaps? That’s one of the simplest ways on how to relax a bit to freshen up our minds. But how about considering the outdoors? A place far from stress and problems, add more colour and lessen the dullness of your usual work routine. And if you agree, it’s time to envision your sweet time may it be for yourself, with a loved one or for the whole family.

As a business owner who’s been very busy and hectic, planning your next destination for your vacation can be time consuming and very stressful. I suggest that you seek help from your remote staff or virtual assistant to manage your next vacation. Let your virtual assistant do the work for you with regard to execution, planning, arranging, booking of flight and hotel accommodation. You won’t have any time for confusions and mishaps because your mind is already focused or set in relaxing and enjoying. They key to escaping that is good planning, so better yet out-task the planning to your virtual assistant to make everything perfect just how you imagined it to be.

There are way too many travel blogs and sites circulating the internet that gives the impression of an achievable perfect vacation. But the question is, do you really have time for that? Do you have ample time to go all through that? And how sure are you that you have the best deal as promised? This is where virtual assistant takes place to give you all the convenience that you deserve.

Your Virtual Assistant Can…

Plans your ideal vacation

Just emphasise your desired destination and preferred date so that your virtual assistant can take it from there. Your remote assistant will plan your dream vacation in an organised manner and ensures that it will not be conflicting to your other engagements so that everything will be smooth and orderly. Your virtual assistant could also create an itinerary for you so that you’ll be guided and nothing will be missed out to make sure you were able to maximise your trip and make it worthy of every penny.

Researches All the Best for You

Your virtual assistant could do all the research for you so that you can focus on your usual work routine. You can set aside the planning because you’re confident that a trusted virtual assistant can do it for you. He or she can research and check on the best airfare deals and packages, most convenient hotel to book, accessible rental car services with many positive reviews, exciting restaurants and fancy food bazaars and fun tourist attractions, landmarks and other outdoor activities that you can indulge in.

Arranges the Necessities

Your outsourced assistant will remind you from time to time about your much-anticipated vacation. You will be notified from packing your stuff, what to bring, and readying them to avoid cramming, booking of your flight, up to the reservation and payment of your hotel accommodation.

To put it in a nutshell, an outsourced assistant has all the time in the world to provide you the perfect getaway down to the minor aspect. Plus, a virtual assistant would not cost you much just like hiring a travel agency. Isn’t that fascinating?

When to Outsource?

Managing and operating your own business takes a lot of hard work, effort, and time. As the company owner, it’s your obligation to double check that your work is accomplished for your clients on time and with the utmost service ready and available. Sooner or later, you will gain more clients and high demand from your business will be inevitable. Gaining heavy loads of work is both a curse and a blessing. It’s actually a difficult situation but these tasks keep you going and gives you opportunity to expand. This is such a satisfying problem to have but it doesn’t support you when you can’t get the stuff done. Working for more hours doesn’t actually help you in the long run. You may get burned out and simply lost interest. This may cause your business to fall and be stagnant. The goal of expansion might get lost in the picture. What will you do if you begin to receive more work, and deliverables but lacks time? What will you do if your usual business routine doesn’t seem to work for you and for your people? Maybe it’s about time to come up with the idea of outsourcing some of your tasks. A lot of advantages and benefits could be acquired from outsourcing but these ‘goodies’ depend on what your business is.

Mind boggling signs that you need to outsource your tasks:

You Abhor Some Tasks

There will come a time that you would hate to do a certain task. For the reason that you’re simply not interested doing it and you think that it bores you. As a business owner, you must do some tasks you find that isn’t fun at all. If you find yourself procrastinating just because you loathe doing a certain task, better outsource it. This takes away your energy and productivity and it’s better to get it done by someone who is more than willing. Save time and save yourself from headache by hiring a virtual assistant that will do it for you instead. Offshoring few or more tasks could contribute in the growth of your business in the long-run and make it more sustainable and stable.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

Being a competitive entrepreneur is always seeking improvement and aims for continuous success for the business. As a business owner, you will reach a certain point of realisation that success and growth won’t happen if it’s just you alone who’s working in your business. This calling maybe a sign that you might need assistance from a skilled professional to help you with your current state, so you may prioritise on improving and expanding your business.

New Services, New Offers, Limited Labour Pool

Who would not want growth and success in their business? Who would not want to expand, be more stable and profitable? No one from the business world wants to be motionless. But you can’t move forward to success without dropping the existing work. You have to have someone that could take care of your existing services so that it’ll give you more time to focus on other ventures. Need not to worry because outsourcing might be the way for you to accomplish more for the business. You may outsource some work because on the other hand, it is not suggested that you totally drop or give up your current clients and services. But make sure that your remote team helps maintain the quality of your service or best, exceed the client’s expectations.

How Far Can We Go?


It is always essential that we keep an eye on our business – literally, ideally, and figuratively. That is the usual and of course most practiced approach in running businesses of any sort. Not to break the stereotype but as the saying goes, “nothing is permanent but change” (Heraclitus).  Never ending challenges and conflicts from time to time is present in our daily lives and this is also experienced in running a company as well. However, a successful entrepreneur always seeks ideas on how to better improve his business. Just like a thinking human being, we always have that innate hunger in making our lives easy and successful.

Focal Point

What do we know about business? Do we actually know a lot? Do we exert enough effort to progress?

Anything that would cost us a dime requires us to be focused and keen to details just like the conventional way. Ideally speaking, managing a business entails us to be hands-on and most of us would agree, of course.  To the extent of monitoring daily up to yearly performance of the whole company, carefully selecting potential candidates to hire, training and evaluation of employees, measuring the quality of work, and client satisfaction.

It’s fulfilling to most of the business owners that they know every inch of what is happening to their company. It’s called compassion and commitment. But to deliver excellence to our clients, we tend to work on something that will make us more reachable and diverse. We are persistent in thinking of other ways to make it happen. Should we be open to other ideas?

Yes, we may. More companies are now considering the idea of having remote assistance. Exceptional virtual teams that may contribute to the enhancement of companies – in many scenarios, they are thousands of miles away from each other.

Unboxing Success: Virtual Assistance is What You Need

It’s not always about being ‘physically’ there but accomplishing every client need remotely. Who would not consider earning a lot in a less expensive strategy? To name a few, Virtual Assistance can provide companies Administrative Services, Office Assistance, Secretarial Services online and a whole lot more depending on the need. What does Remote Assistance provide us? Aside from contributing to globalisation and convergence, it gives us a peace of mind knowing that our clients are given the best solutions, focus and value. By employing a virtual assistant, you decrease the necessity for huge investment in staff and office headcounts thus not being a hindrance in achieving a growing company.  Modernise your operations and efficiently nurture your company because remote services providers conduct in-depth analysis in focusing on your company needs. And lastly, business outsourcing puts you in control. You are safe thinking that highly skilled and competent virtual assistants are taking care of your business for you – deliverables are accomplished daily with accuracy and perfection.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
~ African Proverb


Know the Marketing Strategies to Help Increase Your Business


Marketing plays a major role in our society nowadays. Most businesses need marketing for them to better promote their products and services. In a business world, you’ll have a lot of competitors and some business owners tend to be discourage easily when their business isn’t going well which is a bad thing to do.  To ensure your survival, you need marketing strategies to make your business on top.

Know your target market

It is important to know more of your target market. You must know their wants and needs for you to have a better solution for their problems and for you to have better products and services that you can offer to them. You must also know their cost of living and their demographics (age, gender, and family type).

Use social media

Social media has been an effective tool to used when it comes in promoting your business specifically the Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are billions of internet users and using these sites to your business can help you reach a wide range of consumers or your target market. Social media can help you connect easily as well with your consumers. It is essential that you know how to use social media well and post something interesting that will direct them on your business.

Build a good relationship

Some businesses fail due to the attitude of a boss or the owner. As a business owner, you should know how to deal well with your customers or with your target market as well as with your employees if you have people in your business. It is important to have a positive attitude and build a good relationship with your customers for them to keep on coming back to you. This kind of marketing strategy is something that cannot easily be achieved by any other companies.

Using promotional materials

It is very common to have promotional materials in different companies like brochures, flyers, keychains, etc. Using those things can help you promote your business and can also create lasting awareness. Make your promotional materials a creative one so that people can remember the details and the company name.

Focus on Your Business

For business to grow, you must be focus. Some business owners tend to focus more on their competitors than to their own business. It is not wrong to know more of your competitors for as long as you stick to your business growth. Remember that lack of focus can result to a bad outcome. You can always focus more on how to grow your business and what are the things that your business needs to improve.

Those are just some of the marketing strategies that you can use for you to grow your business. You don’t need to be a super perfect business owner for your business to grow. You only need to be a good leader and simply know and act these strategies if you want to remain on top.