Thursday, 13 August, 2020

Drive Traffic to Your Business Using Facebook Ads

There are lot of ways to drive traffic to your company website and one of the most effective way is via Facebook ads campaign.

Facebook is one the social media giants and their advertising platform works perfectly for any kind of business, what ever market you are in. Thanks to their huge and powerful data that make this possible.

To start driving traffic to your site, you need to set-up your FB ads campaign by creating a new ad in your dashboard. You will need to be specific on your target audience. These include the demographics such as your target audience’s age, sex, where they particularly live, professions such as CEO or CFO, and keywords that you are trying to target.

Advanced techniques include segmenting target audience using a custom audience and lookalike audience in the business. There’s also the introduction of Facebook Pixels which is really helpful as it can retarget users who have visited a website let’s say for example they are searching for this particular product. Facebook will be able to track that and will display ads that is similar to the user tracked actions.

It is also important to target audience in a specific location, let’s say you are from New York. You can target that specific city plus a 10-mile radius if you are servicing those areas. The more specific that you drill down into the ad settings, the higher conversions you can get.

It is also important to track performance of your ad campaigns to make sure you are not losing financially, that’s also the reason why setting a daily budget will help you run your ads in a long run. Many businesses don’t understand this and end up loosing more money running an ineffective FB ads campaign.