Tuesday, 22 September, 2020

Facebook Scheduling Tools and Messenger Bots

Facebook automation is in completely different level because of the recent introductions of chat bots for Facebook messenger. Years ago, what is only available is the scheduling of post, let’s say you want to schedule a 1 week worth of updates to your profile then it can be easily done using Buffer.

Buffer is a free social media management tool that supports not just Facebook, but also Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus and more. Aside from that, it can also display some valuable insights regarding engagements to your individual posts so that you can tweak and further improved your next uploads. It also comes with a social media calendar to manage your posting schedules, mobile app, and browser extensions.

It is really a time saver and if you are the only one managing your social media marketing campaign, as this kind of automation tool can really make a difference.  Now with the recent introduction of chat bots which consistently growing.

Setting up a chatbot for your business can easily respond to a user query, it can also suggest content, run conditional logic, and even allows real human takeover depending how important the live chat is. Let’s say people who are really interested with your products or services.

I’ve been seeing several companies who offer similar services and I believe, Facebook itself will allow these to run on their social media platform although as long as they are compliant to certain laws around the world. If you are targeting EU, then by this time you should be GDPR compliant.